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Discover The Best Investment Property In Batu Pahat Today!

Are you looking for the best investment property in Batu Pahat? Well,eRivercity Business Park can be your first choice. If you are engaging in the real estate business in Rivercity, you will surely get a higher ROI.

Best Investment Property Batu Pahat

Here are some of the reasons why Rivercity Business Park is the best investment property in Batu Pahat.

1. Densely Populated Area.

On average, 160,000 people live in the sub district areas of Rivercity. Hence, there is really a good market for real property engagements in this business park. Some of the most significant public and private establishments in Malaysia are also located near the Rivercity. These include world-class hospitals, international schools, and top-notch local and foreign financial institutions. With these on the table, indeed, you will never experience any bog downs in marketing your investment property in Rivercity Business Park in Batu Pahat.

2. Strategic Location.​ Another compelling reason why Rivercity is the best investment property in Batu Pahat is due to its location. This business park lies at the heart of Batu Pahat, and the grandeur of the Batu Pahat river seamline its borders.

Accessibility is not an issue in Rivercity since three main thoroughfares surround it: the Jalan Pantai, Jalan Jeragan, and Jalan Pulasan. Also, the Rivercity has five entrance points that provide the utmost convenience to visitors.

3. Stellar High-rise Housing Projects.​ By the end of 2020, the construction of the Rivercity Residence will kick-off. This ambitious project will again put the Batu Pahat town in the spotlight. And since the Rivercity Residence will become the highest landmark in the town, this will definitely draw more visitors. And this sends a positive signal that investing in real estate in the Rivercity will surely yield a higher ROI (Return on Investment).

4. Tourism Heaven.​ A lot of tourist spots are also located in the perimeter of the Rivercity. And this is another reason why you must invest in this business park in Batu Pahat. The visitors will surely look for a place to stay and amenities to unwind, and you must capitalize on these needs by funding more investment properties in Batu Pahat.

5. Exclusive Rivercity​ ​Community. Once you engage in an investment property in Rivercity, you will enjoy a lot of promotional and marketing advantages. First and foremost is the tremendous publicity that you will get. This is because included in your investment is
lifetime access to Rivercity’s exclusive FB page. You can share your content and promote your investment property in the said group and expect to get great mileage.

Aside from this, all real property owners, investors, and tenants will also be invited to quarterly to half-yearly site events that gathered more than 10,000 people​. And this is another way to boost your investment property in Batu Pahat since these events gathered more than 10,000 people every month.

What are the Most Popular Types of Real Property Investments in ​Batu Pahat

In its basic sense, real property could mean buildings, air rights, and underground ownerships. But if you are serious about investing in real estate in Batu Pahat, you must look further into it. You must know the specific type of real estate property where you can use your forte.

The following are the four most popular types of real property that you could choose from.

1. Commercial.​ These are establishments that are mainly built to generate income. Some of the popular commercial real estate properties include shopping malls, medical facilities, educational institutions, and apartments.
2. Residential.​ From the name itself, people avail of this kind of real estate property for residential purposes. Residential real estate properties may include renovated and newly-constructed homes. Townhouses, condominiums, duplex, and high-value homes are also classified as residential real estate properties.
3. Land.​ This pertains to idle areas, ranches, and working farms. The best thing about the land real estate properties is that their values increase significantly through time.
4. Industrial.​ This real property refers to warehouses and manufacturing facilities. People will avail of industrial facilities to have a safe place for research, production, storage, and dispatching of goods.


Top 4 Tips to Become a Successful Real Property Investor in Batu Pahat

Like in any business, investing in real estate property is a huge ‘play of fate.’ If you want to dominate the real estate market, there are some things that you need you to master.

Don’t Shoot on the Hot Market.​ The Hot market, in real estate perspective, pertains to an area wherein the comparable sale rates are actually lower than the existing listing
prices. While you may get more sales in a hot market, this will not continue in the long run. In fact, there’s a big possibility that you will lose your hard-earned money out of buying a property with high appreciation value that doesn’t really catch the attention of sure buyers.
Get the Right Calculations Upfront​. The key to becoming a successful real estate investor is to know the status of your finances. You need to know upfront all the expenses that you need to shoulder in each of your deals, including the cost of renovation, landscape, and other furnishings. This way, you will avoid getting caught red-handed that sometimes results in you completely losing your entire property!
Know the Trend. ​Another way to make you dominate the real estate property market is to be always updated with the current market trend. Market trends pertain to the real properties that got the highest demand in the market. There are a few things that constitute the market trend, including the design, floor plan, and paint color of the property. You need to know all of these things so that you are assured that your property will become a hit! Whether you are up for selling or renting your property, always remember that knowing the market trend will keep you impose a higher price ceiling.
Learn how to Manage the Risks. ​You must accept the fact that you need to shoulder some unprecedented expenses in real estate investment. This goes along with some renovations, paper works, and other requisites that you need to comply with so that your properties will keep its active status in the different real estate listings. The only way to manage all possible expenses is to keep a good cash reserve. As a rule of thumb, a good cash reserve accounts to the two or three months gross rent worth in every real property unit.

These are the vital information about the best investment property in Batu Pahat. For you to earn a higher ROI, make sure you open a real estate business in Rivercity. You don’t need to worry about possible financial downhill, because Rivercity is the best investment property in Batu Pahat.