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Dato’ Ker Chee Chuan


Dato’ Ker Chee Chuan is the founder of KCC. As the leader and key person in the group, he has made a profound mark on the group’s culture and ethics. Ingrained in his beliefs and the group is a philosophy that is grounded and practical – to put in hard work to achieve the desired outcome and to be responsible in every aspect of the business. Dato’ Ker has played a pivotal role in taking the group from strength to strength for the past 30 years. Currently, he oversees the overall operations of the group in an advisory role.

Datin Tan Lih Pyng

Executive Director

Datin Tan Lih Pyng is the spouse of KCC founder and chairman, Dato’ Ker Chee Chuan. She oversees the group’s administration and internal management. Her relentless support through the years has fortified the group with a strong foundation to take on future challenges.

Ker Soon Yong

Executive Director

Ker Soon Yong is the son of Dato’ Ker and Datin Tan. He joined the group in 2003 after graduating from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor’s Degree in banking and finance. Starting off as an assistant to the chairman, he was involved in the overall operations of the group. With the vision and enthusiasm to transform the business, he has been the driver of progress and business expansion across the group. In 2007, he led an initiative to systemise KCC’s business operations by obtaining ISO certification. He is now leading the establishment of the group’s hotel division starting with the completion of the group’s maiden hotel in 2017.