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KCC’s Corporate Culture

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The strength of an organisation lie in the expertise of its people, and the same is to be said of KCC.
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Continuously encouraging all staff to work as smart as they should efficiently and thoroughly, KCC’s team is one that consists of ever evolving professionals who recognise the necessity to improve on skills, are quick to capture industry insights and competent in managing high levels of productivity. The team’s ability to gather, share and apply the extensive pool of knowledge made vastly accessible to them helps in the company’s understanding of customers’ needs, consequently awarding possibilities of an impactful blend of strategy, creative solutions and innovation. These key deliverables induced by knowledge management are the contributing factors that differentiate KCC from its competitors.

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For more than 30 over years, KCC has steadfastly held to the philosophy of building
‘Desirable Homes Made Affordable’.

Always placing customers as first priority, KCC employees are committed towards achieving the organisation’s goals that ensure the realisation of our vision to be nationally recognised as a leading, reputable, reliable and preferred housing developer. Due to this results-oriented culture, the company’s adherence and maintenance of an excellent quality management system via ISO 9001:2015 is thoroughly preserved, consequently enabling KCC’s team to deliver on our mission to produce superior products and services. Apart from actively pursuing the business objectives and corporate positioning of the organisation, we are also mindful of our commitment to passionately exercise our advocacy for social responsibility – an element of great consideration under KCC’s business initiatives. At the end of the day, our staff experiences a sense of belonging that is well translated into quality end results.

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Another valuable aspect that contributes to the organisation’s
success is the work culture that KCC adopts and promotes.

KCC employees are assured of a working environment that is motivating, supportive and results-driven. Teamwork is also fundamentally upheld as all staff are encouraged to share ideas and lend support to the team in order to achieve quality success together. We also make every effort to provide opportunities for growth within the organisation so that employees are always driven to explore possibilities of advancement. On top of this, KCC practises open and honest communication, honours fair talent and employee recognition, regularly sends staff for professional training, and encourages a respectful work-life balance that essentially instils employees’ appreciation, confidence and trust towards KCC.