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On 10-acre greens stand 1 luxury 3 Storey Bungalow, 22 luxury Double Storey Semi Detached and 48 Double Storey Terrace House. It is a perfect home combining modern amenities, innovative exterior and spacious living space, that allows you a city home, while embracing the countryside living.
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With its strategic location in Tangkak, traffic will a breeze with easy access to various communities, schools and public facilities nearby. Built with superior materials and pre-set with a wide range of practical household amenities, it is your answer to a perfect home that everyone can afford.

3 Storey Bungalow

Land area (sqft) / 土地面积(方尺)
6489 sq.ft.

Double Storey Semi-Detached

Land area (sqft) / 土地面积(方尺)
40′ X 80′ onward / 起

Double Storey Terrace House

Land area (sqft) / 土地面积(方尺)
20′ X 67′ onward / 起

  1. Stainless Steel Gate & Staircase Handrail
  2. Aluminium Frame With Clear Glass Sliding Door
  3. Latest Decoration Fencing & Gate Pillar
  4. Floor Finished With Tiles – Living Room, Dining & Bedroom 24″ X 24″
  5. Bathrooms Finished With Wall & Floor Tiles
  6. Plaster Ceiling
  7. Wet & Dry Kitchens
  8. ‘Anti Termites Treatment’ With Warranty
  9. Telephone Line Wiring
  10. Air-Cond Power Point Ready For All Bedrooms
  11. Alarm Wiring Point Ready
  12. Auto Gate Wiring Point Ready
  13. Water Heater Point Ready
  1. 白钢篱笆门及白钢楼梯扶手
  2. 白色木式铝及亮面玻璃
  3. 新潮点缀篱笆柱
  4. 屋内磁砖 – 客厅,餐厅及卧室 (24“ X24”)
  5. 浴室铺上地砖及墙砖
  6. 石膏天花板
  7. 拥有干,湿两个厨房
  8. 防白蚁油
  9. 电话线及插座
  10. 每间房间设有冷气位
  11. 预设防盗铃系统线路
  12. 设有电动门(线路)
  13. 热水器插座
Special for Double Storey Semi-D only
  1. Spacious Master Bathroom
  2. Water Heater System in Master Bathroom
  3. Rain Water Harvesting System
  4. Auto Gate
  1. 宽敞的主浴室
  2. 主浴室热水器系统
  3. 雨水蓄存系统
  4. 电动门