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常言道:“有心才能同行” 。当新冠肺炎病毒仍在我国各地肆虐之际,全体人民确实还得不分你我地齐心抗疫。唯有大家都抱持以下6颗不变的心,我国才能全力对抗此顽强且不断变种的病毒,继而让全民早日回归正常的生活轨道。

While Covid-19 is still raging across our country, we must hand In hand to flatten the curve. Everyone should hold these six types of attitudes to fight the pandemic so that we can return to normal life as soon as possible.

1. 热心 Be Enthusiastic


Vaccination is in full swing throughout the country, hence we should actively participate in the Immunisation Programme so that our country can reach the global immunization goal as soon as possible, in order to fight against Covid-19.

2. 暖心 Be Heart-warming


As to fight against Covid-19, everyone should take the initiative to carry out various heart-warming actions, such as paying tribute to frontline medical staff, contribute to fund-raising to purchase medical equipment for hospitals, and providing food and clothing for people affected by the epidemic etc., helping to create a more hopeful society.

3. 爱心 Be Loving


Once facing the impact of the epidemic that lead to personal or family life difficulties, we must not only care for ourselves, but also care for our family, friends and colleagues, so as to maintain our personal mental health. Spread the love everywhere.

4. 交心 Be Open-hearted


During the Covid-19 epidemic, we can make this long and difficult road easier and comfortable if we can communicate candidly with family, friends, and colleagues who love, understand, and rely on one another while fighting against the epidemic.

5. 关心 Be Caring


Other than reminding your family and friends to take adequate precautions when going outdoor, you should also help them to keep out of troubles and worries by paying attention and taking care of the physical and living conditions of the individual, or the elderly and children at home.

6. 开心 Be Happy


During the epidemic, you may feel frustrated due to various difficulties in life, but as long as you remind yourself every day to maintain an optimistic outlook and a joyful heart, you can find some relief from stress and worry and be able to move on.