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KCC 35th year anniversary dinner

For 35 Successful Years of Passionate Developments, CONGRATULATIONS KCC!
On this very special occasion, we’d like to express our heartiest congratulations to KCC’s team and all of its Board of Directors for the inspiring integrity and commitment demonstrated throughtout its 35 years of excellence in “Building Value For Life”.

KCC 35周年纪念晚餐

KCC 集团成立35周年!
在这个特别的日子里,我们衷心地向KCC发展集团全体领导,合作伙伴、以及奋斗在一线的员工致以诚挚的祝福!感谢大家一路相伴,让KCC集团成立至今的35个年头里忠于实现 “创造生活价值”的信念。