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For more than 30 years, KCC has grown into a regional property development enterprise, while staying true to our belief of providing quality homes to our customers. Ever since it started back in 1983, KCC have indeed come a long way, from a small-scale housing property developer in Muar then, to a regionally recognized property development company today. The company have property development projects all over Southern Malaysia, and will continue to expand northwards, including Johor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, and Kuala Lumpur among many other places.
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KCC strive to provide value-for-money housing and beautiful homes for thousands of residents, enabling them to realize the dream of having a house to call their own. The company have also branched out into other areas like quarrying and construction materials trade, making it a self-sufficient and diversified corporation, in turn raising the competitiveness of the overall property development industry. For 30 years, we have held steadfastly to the philosophy of “Desirable Home Made Affordable”, always placing you as our first priority. What we are selling is not only a house, but also a cozy and tranquil home for you to enjoy. Aside from ensuring the high quality of our houses, we are constantly seeking ways to enhance the security and aesthetics of the community environment as well.

It is this active and sincere attitude towards our products and customers, that won us popular acclaim and support for our development projects. Looking into the future, we are confident of doing even better. With our resilience, comprehensive experience and your kind support, the company shall continue to grow and improve, scaling greater heights in the years to come.

Dato’ Ker Chee Chuan