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其实,别担心自己买不起,因为您每月如期交付的租金,已有助于您为自己投资购置一栋 店屋。 现在,就让大家来了解一下投资购置店屋的好时机及其带来的好处。

Can’t afford the property? Don’t worry, your monthly rental can help you invest in the property itself. So, when is the best time to invest in shop offices and what are the benefits of owning one? Let’s find out.

1.银行商业贷款利息低 Low interest rates on bank commercial loans

与过去的商业贷款利息维持在 4.7%至 4.8%相比,如今国内各家银行提供的商业贷款利息已纷纷下调至 3%-3.5%;因此,当下可谓是准备购置店屋来扩充业务或想自行创业人士投资进场的最佳时机。 趁此时机贷款购置店屋,除了能为您省下价值不菲的利息外,您还可享受银行提供的各类贷款优惠。

Today, the commercial loan interest rate provided by the local banks has been reduced to 3%-3.5% as compared to the previous at 4.7% to 4.8%. Therefore, now is the best time to own a shop office to start a business or if you already have one, expand it! Take this opportunity to purchase a shop office and you can enjoy attractive financing package provided by the bank in addition to bank interest savings.

2.把租金转换成贷款供期 Convert rental into loan installment
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如果您当下每月所支付的店租高达 3500 令吉,那么,您只需补贴约 500 令吉,即可用来支付银行贷款的供期。 比方说,您看中了一栋价值 100 万令吉的双层店屋,并向银行申请 80 万令吉的商业贷款来购置此店屋。若您的贷款年限为 25 年,以目前大约 3.3%的商业贷款利息来计算,您每个月需要支付的贷款供期大约是 4000 令吉(尚未加上每月所需支付的 MRTA 保险费)。 简而言之,一旦您投资购置一栋价值 100 万令吉的双层店屋,所需承担的每月贷款供款即是大约 4000 令吉。

If you are currently renting and paying a monthly rental of RM3,500 per month, you will only need to fork out an additional amount of about RM500 for loan repayment to the bank. For example, if you wish to purchase a double-storey shop office at RM1 million, you would apply for a bank loan of RM800,000. Based on the current commercial loan interest rate that stands approximately at 3.3% with a loan period of 25 years, the monthly loan installment is about RM4,000 (excluding monthly MRTA insurance). In short, for a double-storey shop office worth RM1 million that you invest in, the actual loan repayment amount that you need to bear every month is only about RM4,000.


3.自创独具风格的店面装潢与设计 Shop layout and design flexibility

有了自己的店面,您再也不必担心因耗费巨资为店面进行设计或装潢后,却面对租约到期而被令搬迁或自费清除您所钟爱的装潢设计。 与此同时,您还可依照个人的预算、时间表或设计风格来为自己专属的店面装点一番,继而让顾客刮目相看。

Having your own property means you do not need to worry about forking out additional money for renovation and having to remove them later when the Tenancy Agreement is due. When you own a property, you get to decorate the space and design it according to your budget, timeline and at any style you wish.

4.增加个人被动收入 Increase passive income


Purchase a double-storey shop office that fits your affordability. You can use the ground floor space to set up your own business while the space upstairs can be rented out to earn monthly income. This type of passive income will not only reduce your loan repayment burden as having new tenants can also help to boost the prominence of your vicinity.

5.租是消费,买是投资兼可增值 Renting is consumption, purchasing is investment

如果您是租店做生意的商人,那么每月最大笔的固定开销莫过于就是租金了。当您将辛苦 赚来的钱用 来支付租金时,这间租来的店铺永远都不会成为您名下的产业。因此,在个人经济能力许可及贷款获批的情况下,将租金变成供期款额并用来投资购置自己心水的店 面,无疑是一项增值又保质的投资。

If you are renting a shop to run a business, chances are rental fee will be your biggest fixed cost, though the shop will never become your property. Perhaps this is why you should consider to purchase instead of renting it, especially if you are eligible to apply for financing from the bank, so as to gain advantage of a value-added and high-quality investment.


6.防止个人资产贬值 Prevent devaluation of personal assets

如果目前您手上拥有一笔数目不小的现金,与其将之放入银行定期存款赚取 1.7%左右的微薄利息,倒不如将这笔钱用来投资购置产业,如一些具发展潜能的店屋。毕竟地点佳、环境好的商业店铺,其投资回报率总会居高不下,这无形中也让您的个人资产不断增值。 由此可见,通过投资置产除了可让您的资金保值、增值外,更是抗衡通货膨涨及货币贬值的最佳对冲方式。

If you have big savings in the bank, the current interest rate is approximately 1.7%. So, isn’t it better to invest in properties such as shop offices with higher investment potential in return? A commercial property with a good location and a good environment will always yield higher returns on investment, which will then help to increase the value of your personal assets.

Therefore, property investment can help to maintain and increase the value of your capital growth. Purchasing a property is the best way to combat inflation and currency devaluation.


总而言之,如果您目前在古来热门新商业区租店做生意且业务发展不俗,或是您正准备在这个新商业区投资创业,不妨考虑在区内的 Gemilang Square 投资购置一栋店屋。如此一来,不仅可让您在自家地盘大展拳脚、扩充 生意,同时还能为您带来上述各种意想不到的好处!

Hence, if you have a business and are currently renting a shop in the district of Kulai, or you are planning to invest and start a business within this new business district, you may consider to invest a shop office in Gemilang Square. Owning a shop office will not only allow you to expand your business, but also bring you a series of unexpected benefits as mentioned above!


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