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Property Investment in Johor Bahru – What You Need To Know

property investment johor bahru

Engaging with real property investment in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, is undoubtedly an intelligent decision that you could make as the government is shifting gears to position Malaysia the new real estate magnate in Southeast Asia.

Included in the bold measures recently imposed by the Malaysian government to encourage more investors to engage in real property investment in Johor Bahru this year is exempting the owners of low-cost properties within the cost-range of RM200,000 from shouldering the real property gains tax (RPGT).  

If you are not a Malaysian citizen and you want to buy a condo in Johor Bahru, don’t think twice! Why? Because the government of Malaysia also provides a premium cut to foreign real property investors by excluding them from paying for the 5% RPGT increase. 

These are only some of the critical factors that will most likely encourage you to try your luck and invest in real property in Johor Bahru. But before you push through, there are other equally important factors that you must consider to ensure you’ll reap the highest possible return of investment (ROI) of your real property investment in Johor Bahru. 

Consider the following factors listed below.

Find a Strategic Location. 

Buying property requires calculated strategies and stringent planning- and one of your first assignments is to evaluate the location before you decide to open up real property investment in Johor Bahru. 

Keep in mind that the more populated the area, the highest the chance of you scoring a higher return of investment. Johor Bahru is actually one of the best locations for opening a real estate business, so what you need to assess is only the vicinity of your prospect real property- check whether the property is located near essential establishments such as supermarkets, malls, and restaurants. 

If you find these vital real estate auxiliaries accessible, then you landed at the right place!  

Contact a Reliable Property Developer. 

You cannot afford to let up even a single misjudgment if you are dealing with real property investment in Johor Bahru. 

That is why if you are a newbie investor and you don’t want to put your investment at the losing end, find a trusted real estate agent. 

Johor Bahru property agent fee is usually charged 2-3 percent from the total property price, and this could be paid either by the seller or among the seller and buyer depending on the agreed arrangement. 

To avoid dealing with scammers, make sure to ask assistance from a real estate agent who is listed under The Malaysian Institute of Estate Agent’s pool of legitimate realtors.  

Landed Property for Newbie. 

If you are just a newbie in real property investment in Johor Bahru, make sure you invest in landed property. You will benefit a lot if you invest in a landed property, even if you don’t have any real estate experience since this will not require you to engage with the actual technical work of running a real estate. 

Apart from this, all landed properties have a distinct title; thus, you can immediately own a landed property after payment; no more bulk legal requisites required. The arrangement of acquiring a landed property is very convenient compared to buying a condominium or apartment where you need to wait for a longer time to hold the title of the unit you purchased. 

Choose Under-development. 

It is best if you choose under-development properties rather than pay for old or resale units. Under-development projects pertain to real properties that are built brand-new as you get the keys. And since you are the first owner, expect to get a higher ROI in your real property investment in Johor Bahru for all the under-development properties that you acquire. 

Aside from assessing up to the single minute detail of the under-development property, under-development property developers also provide enticing freebies such as free legal fees, free stamp duty, and rebates. 

Assess the Minimum Purchase Price. 

Another factor that you must consider if you want to engage in real property investment in Johor Bahru is your capacity to pay for the minimum real property purchase price. 

In Malaysia, there’s a minimum purchase price that foreign real estate investors much reach for them to own a property. If you want to engage in real property investment in Johor Bahru, the minimum purchase price is at least RM1 million (S$321,800). 

Get a Property According to Your Finances. 

House investment in Malaysia or even purchasing commercial real property in Johor Bahru is something that you need to think a million times. Remember that once you seal a deal and decide to gamble for real property investment in Johor Bahru, it’s always a winner-take-all! 

Find a real property that you can finance even you experience the worst financial downfall of your life. 

Make sure you got enough resources if you want to engage in real property investment in Johor Bahru, so that will emerge triumphant after the trying times. 

Connect to a Reputable Developer

Last, but certainly not the least, is to make sure that you tap a reliable property developer. A reputable developer keeps an outstanding track record for years and is committed to delivering developments on time and with the highest quality. 

If you are a beginner in real property investment in Johor Bahru, the more that you must be very careful in finding a real estate developer. 

To help you decide on the integrity of a particular real estate developer, you can check some clients’ reviews posted online. You can also check the government of Malaysia’s official website to check the veracity of a particular developer. 

What you read are only some of the crucial factors that you must consider if you contemplate laying a real property investment in Johor Bahru. No doubt, real property investment is not a no-brainer, but once you master it, you’ll inevitably hit the highest ROI mark. 

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Find a legit real estate developer, and your journey to become a successful real estate investor is halfway done. 

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