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Best Place to Invest in Malaysia

Everyone would love to invest in the right place to get an excellent return on investment (ROI). There is nothing better than investing in a property. No matter whether you want to live in the house or earn money by renting, the price of the property increases day by day. Therefore, the ROI of property investment is worthy, which is the reason that most investors are attracted to it.

Johor Bahru is one of the biggest centers of real estate in Malaysia. You will find many outstanding projects and schemes that will provide an awe-inspiring lifestyle for people. Most importantly, it connects Singapore by road, and the distance is only around 27 km. Foreigners can buy a property and own land in Malaysia without citizenship, which is the reason many foreign investors invest in the properties of Johor Bahru.

Today, we are going to share some of the important property types that are superb for investment. According to the modern lifestyle, the valuation of these properties will greatly increase in the future. Let’s start the discussion without further delay.

Best Place to Invest in Malaysia

Types of Properties in Johor Bahru for Investors

Some property types provide more ROI than others; therefore, they are always in the eyes of investors. Let’s look at some property types that have the potential to provide magnificent ROI.


A bungalow has its private land, which is owned by the bungalow owner. You can have any size of the bungalow as there are no restrictions. It’s separate property, and you can modify it as you want. It can be single-storey, double-storey, triple-storey; whatever you like. Many people prefer to have a separate land where they can live with comfort, so bungalow is the best option for them

A bungalow is usually in the middle of the land and surrounded by greenery. The size of a typical bungalow ranges from 2,000 sq. Ft to 13,000 sq. Ft. It’s a wide area, and you can decorate it as you like. It’s excellent for investment, but it’s expensive. The price of a bungalow is very high because of its features.

As an investment, a bungalow is an excellent choice—people who prefer a peaceful lifestyle with facilities demand a bungalow. The price of a bungalow increases tremendously, and it provides an exceptional ROI. If you have enough money to invest in a bungalow, then it could be the best investment among all property types.

Shop Lot

If you are interested in a commercial area, then a shop lot would be brilliant. Shop lots are located in a commercial area. You can open any store or start a business from a shop lot. Many people rent a shop lot for business, so you have an excellent chance to earn from the property.

Shop lots are preferred by restaurants, gyms, salons, workshops, and other businesses. Therefore, there is a huge demand for a shop lot, whether you are thinking of selling or renting out in the future.


For homeowners, an apartment in Johor Bahru is worth your investment. People prefer to live in an apartment because it has a safe and simple style of living. These are usually located on the main roads and cities like Johor Bahru.

Apartments are very safe. They are guarded and secured by walls. There is a management system that is responsible for everything. You will find all the basic facilities, including parking, security, and play area. The best thing about an apartment is its affordable price. Families who are looking for affordable housing should go for an apartment. 


Condominiums provide a modern lifestyle with luxuries. They are also a part of buildings, but there is a separate owner for each unit. The owners are responsible for renovation or maintenance. You have more flexibility to decorate the house as you like. The unit in a condo is large, typically in the range of 2,000 to 4,000 sq. Ft.

A condominium is known for its luxurious facilities. You will find a swimming pool, BBQ area, playground, gardens, lounge, spa, and many other facilities. There is a high security, gated area, and boundary walls. You will have access to luxury and all the basic facilities. Due to luxury features, a condominium is expensive, but there is a huge demand for it.  

Semi-D House

The word semi-d means semi-detached. As the name suggests, the semi-d house shares a common wall with the adjacent house. You can say that two houses are joined together from one end, and there is a mirror image of the other. The two adjacent houses usually have the same structure and design. It’s like a bungalow with a shared wall. It can be single-storey or double-storey.

A semi-d house is perfect for families. You have a house on the land. You have extra space for gardening and parking the vehicle. Modern semi-d houses have many luxuries, and it’s good for investment.

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