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In ancient times, the early economic activities were mainly planting and harvesting of oil palm and rubber. In the past ten years, the construction of houses, shops and factories in the area has greatly promoted the further development of the local industry and commerce, hence expanded the economic development of Kulai.

From the perspective of Kulai development, the six main factors that promote Kulai are:

1: 得天独厚的地理环境 Strategic location


Kulai is only 15 kilometers away from Johor Bahru. The area has an extensive transportation and highway network. North-South Expressway, Malaysia-Singapore Second Link are all close by and within easy reach, which in turn created a favorable condition for the economic development to grow over the years.

2: 各类商城与工业园林立 Various shopping malls and industrial parks


与此同时,随着区内工业的发展,单在古来县如今已设立超过10个工业区,包括优美城工业区、士乃工业园、士乃慕尼工业区等等,其间落成且颇具规模、闻名海内外的大型工厂,包括:伟创力(Flextronics International Ltd)、好时(Hershey Malaysia Sdn Bhd)以及兴建中的微软数据中心(Microsoft data centre)。

In addition to the prestigious Johor Premium Outlets in Kulai, there are various shopping malls around the area, such as Aeon Mall, Kulai Centre Point and Lotus’s Kulai, providing consumers with different shopping choices, and also bring in more job opportunities.

At the same time, with the development of the industry, there are more than 10 industrial areas has been established in Kulai, including Indahpura, Taman Perindustrian Senai, Taman Perindustrian Murni Senai, and well-known large factories, including: Flextronics International Ltd, Hershey Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Microsoft data centre.

3: 物流、生物与资讯科技的发展 Development of logistics, biology and information technology


With the continuous advancement of technology and network communication in the new era, the Johor government has actively promoted the development of logistics, biology and information technology in the recent years, which invisibly attracts domestic and overseas investors from related industries to invest in Kulai.

4: 古来县行政中心的落成启用 The establishment of Administrative Centre of Kulai jaya District


Built by the Johor government at a cost of tens of millions of ringgit, the Administrative Centre of Kulaijaya District not only improves the efficiency of the public system, but also help to promote the economic transformation in the area.

5: 越提打工族与邻国过境客的涌入 The influx of foreign workers and transit passengers from neighboring countries


Before the outbreak of Covid-19, consumers from Singapore or locals who returned to visit relatives would flock to Kulai during weekends or holidays for sightseeing, food, expenditure and shopping, creating a prosperous business for the local suppliers in various industries.

6: 人口持续增长 The continuous growth of population


According to census data, the population of Kulai District has reached 630,000 in 2020; The in-creasing population and increasing work force will undoubtedly help to promote the economic development of Kulai.