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Enjoy the comfort life with all family members together

There’s a brand new landed residential development project in SIMPANG RENGGAM named as ERA PARK. This is another prestigious project which has Open For Sales by KCC Realty.
Geographically nested and surrounded with amenities whereby it makes Era Park an ideal Family Home to owned.

Embrace modernity and investing in a modern lifestyle

An exquisitely three-bedroom Single Storey Terrace House property is a perfect choice for younger generation to own. A perfect property to pinned life milestones.
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Well-arranged Space Furnishing

Era Park Simpang Renggam, it is architecturally modern living designed. The four-bedroom Single Storey Terrace House Property conceptually built up.
For more information, please call: 017-688 6229 / 012-941 6229/ 017-359 6229

Single Storey Terrace House
3 Bedroom

Type A Built-up : 22′ X 70′ – 80′

Single Storey Terrace House
4 Bedroom

Type B Built-up : 22′ X 93′ – 99′

1. Pintu Pagar Stainless Steel 白钢篱笆门
2. Jubin 2′ X 2″ Di Ruang Tamu, Ruang Makan & Bilik Tidur 客厅、饭厅及卧室铺设2’x2’的地砖
3. Jubin 1′ X 2 Di Billk Mandi, Dapur & Tempat Letak Kereta 浴室、厨房及车房铺设1’x2’的地砖
4. Plaster Siling Di Ruang Tamu & Bilik Tidur 客厅及卧室附有石膏天花板
5. Dapur Basah & Kering 建有干、湿两个廚房
6. Pembasmi Anai-anai Dengan Jaminan 3 Tahun 防白蚁措施(保证三年)
7. Point Unifi Disediakan 设有 UNIFI插座
8. Point Penghawa Dingin Disediakan Untuk Semua Bilik Tidur & Ruang Tamu 所有卧室及客厅备有冷气安装点
9. Pendawaian Point Pintu Pagar Automatik Disediakan 设有电动门连接点
10. Point Pemanas Air Disediakan Untuk Semua Bilik Mandi 所有浴室设有热水器插座

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